Sunday, May 22, 2011

Garmin Loves the Champagne

Garmin-Cervelo won the team competition at the Tour of California this afternoon, and they made the most of the giant champagne bottles they received on the podium. Dressed in black, the podium girls, who do the traditional cheek kisses for the winners, were a bit surprised by how far the boys in black went with their celebrations. Let's just say that it's good the girls weren't wearing white.
Perhaps not the most gentlemanly way to celebrate. The team competition has each squad's top three rider times added together, with the lowest total time as the winner. The top finishers for Garmin were Tom Danielson, who came in third place, Christian Vandevelde in fourth, and Ryder Hesjedal in tenth.
Dave Zabriskie (in the orange sunglasses) was the most vigorous with his champagne shooting. He's always full of surprises. And the podium girls remained calm, cool, and collected, while soaking wet. So is the funny, or... ?

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